Heiji Attention!!


Opened a new Account here on Livejournal!!!
...Just to split the private stuff from Famdom related things :) Soooo, if anyone here wants to know what happens at School or work, you are welcome to take a look over at cherelle_gossan
I will probably babble lots of german, but I will also post some art, that I will not post here!
And I'll show you what I'm doing at work! Like the Childrens book I'm currently illustrating or the Walls that I have to spray. Yeah, I'm doing LEGAL! Graffiti at work hehehe...

Hakuba Tea time


Because I am in a hurry, you’ll get a short-picture-post!

Promised bf_nightingale to upload the picture this evening, and there ya go!
Hoffe es gefällt dir? ó///ò Du darfst dir natürlich immernoch ein richtiges yaoi Bildchen wünschen, wenn du möchtest! Da du ja noch nichts genaues gesagt hattest,
hab ich erstmal dieses sehr unschuldige Piccu gemacht~ ...Viel spaß damit? ~♥

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Heiji Ups

Try and fail

In my few off-the-internet days I made up a lil new game - or better battle! - between Maiko and me that’s called “try to imitate Gosho’s style (…and fail miserably)” - Started out as a little joke about the recent files. I told her that Gosho really starts to piss me off! And I bet there are looots of people out there who think the same! So, we were kidding about kidnapping him or finding a few talented fan artists who can copy his style 100% (There are really some amazing F-artists out there!!!) ...Of course we gave it a try as well but… No matter what I do I am not able to copy his Style X__x The pictures always scream “Made by Cherelle”! Curse you evil right hand!!! *shakes fist*

And according to Maiko, Detective Conan would just turn into an over 16-manga if I would do the drawings…

...Took me the whole day to draw that pic! The size is 40 x 26 cm and I’ve done it COMPLETELY with Water colours! Usually I mix Copics and Water colours, because that’s faster and easier for me, but this time I didn’t even look at my Copics!!! That was really strange …Now I just have to figure out what to do with the finished Picture. Maybe I’ll send it to someone on my friends-list, because I never keep them! It just feels strange!

I know it’s not exactly Gosho-ish, (Colours too dark and too strong ect.) but to me it’s okay like that u__u *snort*
Used the Movie 12 Special and the one picture where Conan + Ran are on a "Lord of Atlantis" as references~

Mhh, for some reason my PC denies to download the special! So, if anyone knows where to get it or how to download it, tell me? *makes puppy-dog eyes* Because it’s just sooo cute and lovable~! And I need it *___*

Also I’m HYPER because I just found out that the X Files movie will hit our local cinemas on July 24th !
This means we’ll get it a day earlier than America! Njehehehe~ *evil laugh* This is Super Special Awesome!!!
I really can’t remember if I ever was that hyper about any other event *ponders*